Experts in food hygiene and
designers of effective e-learning

Our Experience

Having spent many years working with companies to improve their food hygiene standards, we learned to quickly spot those likely to maintain high standards year on year. Invariably in these companies food hygiene was a high priority for managers – and team members understood this. There was a willingness to learn from mistakes and strategies were in place to prevent problems recurring. More recently this has been termed a positive food safety culture.

Engaging Training

Although a primary training goal of most large food companies, a positive food safety culture is not easily achieved. Food hygiene training can really make a difference but it needs to be engaging if it is going to lead to behavioural change. It also needs to recognise that the world is changing. Most 16-24 year olds have grown up with and love computer games and the internet has revolutionised the way they learn.

Market Research

We researched game based e-learning, sometimes known as ‘serious gaming’ and saw the great results it was achieving in schools and colleges. We spent weeks trawling hospitality and learning technology events. This confirmed our belief that companies were desperate for food hygiene training which would give them a return on their investment – rather than just tick the box for legal compliance.

Our First Serious Game

Working in partnership with a team of fantastic developers, game designers and artists, we produced our first game based e-learning course, A Game to Train Food Hygiene Certificate. We’re really pleased with the results and how it is revolutionising food safety training in the hospitality industry.

Future Plans

Using our knowledge of Tin Can API, which is the next generation global standard for e-learning, we are currently developing a mobile app. This will be used to prove good food safety behaviour of learners once back in the workplace. We’re calling this our food hygiene genius level – the final proof in the pudding…

THE EHO - Melissa Thompson

THE EHO - Melissa Thompson

Ex-EHO and Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner. Originally from a hospitality background, Melissa re-trained and then managed a team of Council EHOs before moving into the private sector. Melissa has developed training courses for large and small organisations but her main specialism is food hygiene and health and safety law. Making sure that our games robustly test all the learning outcomes and that the content is technically correct is her main role.

THE TRAINER - Audrey Deane

THE TRAINER - Audrey Deane

Food scientist, nutritionist and writer of recipe books. Coming from a background in retail, Audrey has audited factories around the world in her role as technical manager and food buyer for Tesco. For the past five or so years she has been designing and training food hygiene courses. Audrey researched what it was her trainees enjoyed about gaming and which games they like to play. She used this and her personal love of gaming to assist the design and development team.

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