Multi-language options -
perfect for today's hospitality industry

Training in many languages

You can take our food hygiene certificate in Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian. At the moment, only our final tests are available in these languages but the rest of the course is due to be translated soon.

Language barriers

More than 2.4 million people work in the hospitality industry in the UK. With nearly 30% foreign born and speaking English as a second language, getting over the language barrier can be a challenge for trainers. The biggest problem is the amount of really excellent team members that fail traditional exams.

At last – a solution

Throughout the game, where possible, words are supplemented with images to aid understanding for those with language problems (or learning difficulties such as dyslexia). Instead of approaching food hygiene training with a sense of dread, team members can really engage with the subject.