Helping you to develop and maintain
a positive food safety culture

Leader boards motivate teams to work together

We can set up multi-site leader boards which allow venues in the same chain to compete against each other. This encourages collaboration and is great for team building. People consult, advise and learn from each other whilst having fun. Who would have thought compliance training could be this way?

Management commitment is vital to develop a positive food safety culture. Competition encourages managers to get involved in mentoring their teams and in supporting anyone that might be struggling to get started with their e-learning. Now everyone’s talking about food safety…

A simple way to manage performance and prove legal compliance

We can provide access to dashboards so that site managers can see at a glance who has and who has not yet completed their training.  Charts showing which team members received a pass, merit or distinction enables committed team members to be identified and rewarded for their efforts.

Multi-site dashboards can be set up so that HR and Compliance Managers can gauge legal compliance with the training requirement across the Company. Comparison tables are included which give an indication of those managers keen to encourage food safety learning and to identify at risk sites.