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PRESS RELEASE – Innovative Food Safety App Delivers 15% improvement in Results

By 8th November 2016Uncategorised

A Game-Changer for Training

Training staff in matters of food hygiene is a legal requirement that all food business must satisfy. This compliance training can be a real challenge within the catering industry where it is often seen as very boring. Additionally, the workforce can be transient and have a heavy reliance on overseas workers.

A Game to Train Food Safety is a new and seriously impressive gaming App that can be played on computers, tablets & smart phones. It addresses a number of the challenges faced by food & drink operators recruiting and training staff in an increasingly diverse and dynamic market.  Clever use of graphics and game mechanics means that there is less reliance on text, a boon for foreign workers and those with learning difficulties.

15% Better Results through Engagement

Developed by experienced food safety trainers, A Game To Train Food Safety has a core objective to help food and drink operators deliver better outcomes at lower cost.  Everyone loves games and ‘Serious Games’ are proven to deliver better engagement and higher levels of motivation to learn. The immersive environment is particularly attractive to Millennial Generations (today’s 18-30 year olds) who have grown up with computers and gaming technology.

Developers tested A Game To Train Food Safety with a market leading but traditional e-learning course proving that as well as being more enjoyable and more stimulating for the users, candidates performed 15% better in an identical test. This research also proved that it was more time efficient with learners completing the course over an hour quicker.

The game has been assessed by the professional body, CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) and has been given ‘Assured Status’ so business operators can be sure of its quality. Already being used by a number of respected food and drink businesses, A Game To Train Food Safety delivers food safety training in a fun and engaging way. Players are put in the position of a restaurant supervisor where they complete 8 stages that reflect the main areas within a catering business. Within the game there are lots of features normally associated with popular games such as challenges, rewards and leader boards. This is where learners can compete within their work place and within their wider organisation which are both great motivators to do well at the game.

It is a truly unique product designed for food handlers in catering operations which reflects the changing nature of entrants to the food industry in terms of age (millennials) and nationality, the benefits of gaming and the wide availability of mobile devices.



To find out more, contact Audrey Deane on 07801236190 or audreyd@agametotrain.co.uk

Check out the website at www.agametotrain.co.uk

or email Hello@agametotrain.co.uk



Experienced Food Safety Trainers

A Game to Train Food Safety is the brainchild of highly experienced Food Safety consultants Melissa Thompson and Audrey Deane. Melissa was an EHO for 13 years and has worked as a consultant for 11 years, Audrey was a Technical Manager and buyer working for both Sainsbury’s and Tesco for 12 years before setting up Food Matters Ltd in 2009.  Both live and work out of Berkhamsted and Tring in Hertfordshire. Their development is headed up by Alex Brown who also lives in Berkhamsted.

With over 40 years food industry experience between them, they both run their own successful Food Safety Businesses and work with some of the UK’s most respected operators. Training has always been an integral part of their work and with technical progress making e-learning more accessible, they realised that a serious game focussing on food safety would harness the positive benefits of an engaging training course that could be played on any device.


CIEH Accredited

Successful completion of the 8 stages results in achievement of a Level 2 Award in Food Safety which is a CIEH assured vocational qualification. Supporting all team members to achieve this will help businesses meet their obligations under UK law for all catering staff to be properly trained.

Learning Flexibility in 9 Languages

Harnessing their real world experience of Food Safety training, A Game To Train Food Safety Developers have ensured the game is extremely flexible and can be completed stage by stage within a 3month period. This allows users to dictate their rate of progress which is critical given the demands of catering businesses. It can be played on-line or offline and the final challenge is available in 9 languages including English.

Integrated Learning Management System

A Game To Train Food Safety provides a Learning Management System called Tin Can Tracker which enables head offices to review all site information and managers to review all details relating to their own site including – activity levels of team members, which team members have achieved which level and their grading (pass / merit / distinction or fail). Managers can also download certificates to present to team members.

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